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Charleeta is obsessed with self-care, animals, and self-expression through the arts. She will slap washi tape on anything if you let her. She talks to her dog like she’s human so if she ever magically learns to speak, all of Charleeta’s business is as good as told! She does not do pity parties. So, just know that she will hold your hand in the darkness BUT believe you me, you’re gonna come outta there at some point. She has a strict No Man Left Behind policy!

Choosing faith over fear can be hard. (Trust us, we know.) But the sooner you make the choice to take inspired action, the better.

A magical thing happens when you make room for what you want. It shows up! Relationships, experiences, feelings, thoughts, new ideas…ALLAT! Release what no longer serves you and watch the never-failing, all-knowing source of all things Heaven, Earth, and in between show up for you!

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